Wedding Columns at Wholesale Prices!

It’s that special time of year again! Spring is quickly approaching which means it will soon be wedding season. As thousands of couples prepare for their special day, Event Supplies and More is stocking up on a wide variety of wedding columns. Whether you want wood, metal, or plastic columns, Event Supplies and More has the perfect choice for your ceremony. With their extensive selection and low prices, Event Supplies and More is your one-stop shop for wholesale wedding columns!

Nothing is better at creating a romantic setting than wedding columns. These gorgeous wedding decorations add an elegant touch that should be present at any upscale event. The unique beauty of a wedding column cannot be replicated by any other decoration which is why they have been used in ceremonies for years. Many people like to decorate their columns to support the theme of their event. Flowers, vines and fabrics are commonly used, but the possibilities are endless!

Plastic Columns

Plastic Columns

Event Supplies and More carries numerous styles of columns for weddings. Their plastic columns are available in a variety of famous designs including the Scamozzi Column, Empire Column, Tuscan Column and many more. Some of the styles date back to the days of ancient Greece in which beautiful columns were used in the construction of buildings and temples.

Wood Columns

Wood Columns


Wood columns from Event Supplies and More are another common choice for weddings. For example, many couples choose the Sunlight Column to add a stylish touch to their ceremony. These wood columns are made from furniture grade hard wood and provide decorative look to any occasion.

Metal Columns

Metal Columns

Metal columns are available in several finishes. Find your favorite design and place these lovely wedding columns throughout your event. Whether you choose metal, wood or plastic columns, these classic event decorations are sure to make your ceremony a memorable one!

Event Supplies and More takes pride in providing customers with quality products at affordable prices. With all of the decorations and supplies needed for a wedding, it is important to save money whenever possible. Luckily, the Event Warehouse offers wholesale wedding columns at prices you will love!

If you’re looking for wholesale wedding columns, shop with the experts at Event Supplies and More. With their extensive selection of metal, wood and plastic columns for weddings, they are sure to have the perfect choice for your event. If you have any questions, their friendly staff is ready to assist you. For all of your wholesale wedding column needs, look no further than Event Supplies and More!


Wedding Columns and Arch Starter Packages

Nothing is more romantic than wedding columns paired with a beautiful wedding arch. For your convenience, Event Supplies and More proudly offers wedding column and arch starter packages. These typically include multiple wedding columns along with one wedding arch. These decorations compliment each other to create a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding, and they serve as the perfect place for the couple to recite their vows. 

Wedding columns are beautiful decorations, and they create an elegant setting when combined with our wedding archesEverybody will want a picture of the bride and groom posing under the beautiful wedding arch. The arch frames the couple making a romantic scene that displays the newlyweds’ love.

Whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors, our wedding columns and arch starter package is the perfect addition to any event. Many couples choose to purchase additional  wedding columns to place throughout the ceremony.  Customize your columns with flowers and vines to add some personality to your wedding decorations. There are tons of ways you can embellish a wedding column, so feel free to get creative!

For all your wedding arch and column needs, look no further than Event Supplies and More. Browse through our selection of wedding columns, arches and other wedding supplies and find your favorite! Event Supplies and More is your source for wholesale wedding supplies and decorations.


Wedding Arches, Columns and More – Black Friday


“While visions of sugarplums dance in their heads”. I haven’t personally seen any sugarplums dancing around on this day.  However, it’s almost here.  That time of year where the madness begins and the deals make us obsessed with Black Friday shopping.  But first, why is it called Black Friday?  Well, I did some research and this is what I found out.  It was originally given this name because so many people went out shopping that it caused traffic accidents and violence.  Yep, it’s true.  I for one feel like causing an accident if I go so I avoid the crowds and concentrate on the Black Friday Online Sales.  Much less crowded and I don’t have to give as many people dirty looks while they are bumping into me.  But that’s just me. I have many friends who plan for this day as if it were a holiday itself or some type of marathon.  Hydrating the day before, going to bed early so they have the energy to fight the hustle and bustle of the crowds.  To them Black Friday is like a drug.  They do their best shopping in the midst of all the chaos.

So back to online shopping and me.  For those of you who want to slap people who are breathing down your neck or bumping into you as you simply walk through the store, Black Friday Online shopping is the way to go. So many stores have jumped on the bandwagon and offer their sales online. is one of the companies who plan to offer their customers larger discounts than ever in an effort to spread goodwill amongst their current customer base.  Although they have always offered wedding and event supplies at low, wholesale pricing, their top items will be discounted at an even lower price.  These items include wedding columns, wedding arches, reception tables and chairs and much more.  One of the great things about this company is that although many of their items are purchased by event planners for weddings and social or corporate events, they have wonderful deals on items that can be purchased for your home.  I recently purchased a couple of their tablecloths and absolutely love them.  They go straight from the dryer to the table wrinkle free and are easy to clean.  Many of their tabletop chandeliers, vases, candleholders, table runners, napkins, etc. are a perfect addition to your home and available at amazing prices.  And, this is a great time to purchase them just in time for your family gatherings during the holidays.

This expresses my sentiment exactly.  Can you tell I’m not a fan of shopping on Black Friday?  Its original meaning says it all.  But for those of you who are, Happy fighting – I mean shopping!!




Metal Wedding Columns – So Many Options!

Columns – greek/roman or modern day??

Greek architecture has always captured my attention. I love the grandeur of the Coliseum and the Parthenon in Rome. Makes me think of a fairy tale and on a girls wedding day, who doesn’t want the fairly tale? (reminds me of the movie pretty woman when Richard Geer asks Julia Roberts what she wants and she says “i want it all – i want the fairy tale.”)

When i think of metal columns i think of the open ones made of – well metal.

These are classic and can be used at wedding/events and made to look beautiful either by themselves or lit up and covered with soft material.  They also work well as an accent to your metal arches.   At Event Supplies and More they are sold in brass or in nickel finish and are covered with a special coating to keep them shining and beautiful for years.

However, my favorites are in the picture below.  Can you believe these are metal columns?  Now this looks like a fairy tale scene to me.  These columns are sold in different sizes and can be used alone or in groups to create a regal atmosphere.  They are lightweight and have a small hole to run lighting into the column.

They are also made of durable material that can be used over and over and either indoor or outdoor.  Look how simple and beautiful these two columns are with simple sheer fabric and a floral arrangement on top.  

So we can’t all be Julia Roberts but we can certainly want it all.  Don’t expect anything less than the fairy tale!!


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Wholesale Wedding Supplies – The Necessities

Take a look at our list of much-needed wedding supplies and decorations. These will add to you wedding’s romantic theme!

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